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Subscripts and Superscripts in Webflow

I came across a post today while I was trying to subscript something: How do i superscript text?

I found a different approach that doesn’t require markup based on this article: Unicode subscripts and superscripts - Wikipedia

TL;DR: while you can’t easily apply the markup that generates subscripts and superscripts, you can easily get the unicode character for a given, common, superscript or subscript and use that. It’s displaying fine in my existing webflow project.

Anyway, figured I would share the wealth, since I didn’t find any results that didn’t involve a lot of styles futzing.

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Here they are for copy pasting (source):

x⁰ xⁱ x² x³ x⁴ x⁵ x⁶ x⁷ x⁸ x⁹ x⁺ x⁻ x⁼ x⁽ x⁾ xⁿ
x₀ x₁ x₂ x₃ x₄ x₅ x₆ x₇ x₈ x₉ x₊ x₋ x₌ x₍ x₎
xₐ xₑ xₒ xₓ xₔ

Many of the latin letters are also available in the source link, though not every single one (scroll down to latin and greek tables in the wikipedia article and copy/paste from there)


Thanks Drew,

This is helpful :slight_smile:
I found that copy and pasting from word can work also.

I hope the webflow team adds easy superscript support - as it would be pretty much required for websites for real estate companies.