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How do i superscript text?


My the ™ & ® in my headings are too big.
I’ve used a span to decrease size and weight, but it drops to the baseline.

How can I raise the symbol as I have in my mockup?

It would be even better to just have the symbols automajically thinner, smaller & raised.

Trademark & copyright symbols

Try a little padding underneath the text in the span style wrapped around the TM or Registered symbol :slight_smile:

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Thank. I had tried that before, but I tried it again. The padding unfortunately doesn’t raise the text.

Maybe try adjusting the position? Change the position of the span to relative, then adjust the position of top or bottom, that’s worked for me before :slight_smile:

I typically just export the code and wrap the ® with a or but there isn’t a toggle for sub or superscript in webflow that I’m aware of. @PixelGeek may know?

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There currently isn’t a sup or sub script tag in Webflow. So export or embedded code it the only way to use it currently.

The relative position method you described should work in this case.


@odog you can superscript text by highlighting the text you want superscripted and making a new nested style, then making the font size smaller and using a transform function to raise the position of the text.

Let me know if this works,



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