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Adding Marketing Opt-In Checkbox to Checkout

Hi guys,

I’m looking to add marketing opt-ins to my checkout page on ecommerce. I use mailchimp to store mailing list signups and would like to use the same service. Has anyone given this a go yet?

My website is here

Hello @JoeDigital

Can you share your read only link please?

Maybe using Zapier to connect your purchases with Mailchimp?

Hey @aaronocampo - here you go!

Love that site! Great look. I’m pretty sure you’d have to go the zapier route as well. I’m not %100 sure, though.

I don’t think you can add the opt ins to the checkout page, but you can add it to the confirmation page by inserting a form block to this page, from there is just a matter to add the mailchimp integration or create a zap on zapier to pull this info from the form to your mailchimp list (now called audience)