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Submit Button in form only sends to 404 error page

I designed a website that when the user submits an email form it only links directly to the 404 page not found. Where do you link the url to the success form, and what is the link for that.

Hey @Connor_Byrne,

If you are using the Webflow Form (not a 3rd party form), there is no need to put anything in the Redirect URL field. The Webflow component automatically looks after everything with form processing.

You are getting a 404 because the page ‘/success’ doesn’t exist.

Hope that helps,

Hey i took that out there is nothing in the redirect URL field, the email is sending to the correct address, for some reason it still links only to the 404.
Thank you for the reply appreciate any help.

Hmmm… can you share a ‘Read-Only’ link so we can see what’s happening inside.

heres the link

Ok, can’t see anything obvious in there either.

Can you also provide the link to test.