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GET method form not passing info

On the form above the fold, the user’s email address should be passed through to the redirect page. I’ve set it to GET, added the redirect URL, and changed the form name and input field name to “email” which corresponds to the name on the redirect page.

When I submit the form, it should pass the email address from the form to the redirect page, but it’s not. Are the field ID names an issue? I wouldn’t think so. Is the Webflow form submission not working like a normal form submission?

Read-only URL:

Hey Jon, I believe you misplaced the this link ( in your form. Instead of placing it on the “redirect” field, place it on the action field and leave the redirect field blank.

By doing that, whenever someone submits your form, they’ll be “redirected” to this page with an url similar to this one “

That was it, thanks. It hadn’t occurred to me.