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After form submission redirect to 404 error page

I’m not a professional web designer. Just a personal project.
When I submit a form on my website instead of getting a success message it takes me to the 404 error page.

It seems like that I don’t have a success page, How do I add the success page?

Submit Button Settings are set to:
Button Text> Submit
Waiting Text> Please wait…
Redirect URL> /success
Action> webflow default
Method> POST ( I also had it as GET )


Thank you guys

Welcome to the community @Designwerk!

Normally it’s best to provide your read-only link so we can take a closer look at the specific project details but I’ll see if I can’t walk you through a bit of the process.

By default there shouldn’t be any redirect URL—this is only added if you’d like the page to redirect after a submission:


If you added one and want to have it redirect to a page (in this case “/successs”) then you’ll need to use the Pages panel to add one with the slug “success”: