[Submission Guidelines] [Custom Attributes] Are Custom Attributes in Template Submissions allowed?

we are currently developing an app for Webflow’s App Marketplace.

Our target customers are marketers and entrepreneurs.

We had the idea to offer design templates on the marketplace specifically for our product, where certain elements, are equipped with our custom attributes, to communicate with our app/backend, once our customers signed up for our product.

The reason behind that, is to make it quicker for marketers and entrepreneurs, to start right away, without getting too much into web design.

Are Custom Attributes in the submission of Webflow design templates allowed?

I wasn’t able to find any information about custom attributes, in the Webflow’s submission guidelines: Submission Guidelines | Webflow

With kind regards


Hey Dominic!

This may be allowed, depending on the use case and as long as it does not impact the template usability if it is not used with your App. You can learn more about the submission guidelines for templates here: Submission Guidelines | Webflow

You can set custom attributes using the Designer API as well.