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Subdomains and pricing

Hello all,

Just looking for some clarification on webflow pricing for a particular scenario.

I am working on a web application for which I’m looking to use Webflow to create an MVP to hand over to the developers.

The application will have 4 different websites:

  1. - for the landing page
  2. - 20 pages
  3. - 4 pages
  4. - 4 pages

My question is, once I hook the domain name to Webflow, do I have to purchase a site plan for each subdomain? My apologies if this has been answered before but I could not figure this out from the pricing page.


If each needs a different default page fore each sub then yes.

Hello @webdev , thank you for the reply! It would be ideal if each went to a default page but that is not a must. I searched for a tutorial showing a basic subdomain setup for each new project but could not find anything.

I purchased a CMS site plan, connected a custom domain and started the first project under the root domain. Would you be able to point me to a tutorial which would show how the project could be set up under so when I add a new page the domain would read and so on

Thank you :blush:

I looked over the config settings for custom domains and it is not clear that you can use custom subdomains. I have not needed to on any of my projects hosted on Webflow. I looked at testing but that would require paying for a hosting plan for a month just to test. So I may have been mistaken.