Do I need to buy for every Project for my client with CMS a site-plan?

Sorry for the maybe annoying question, but I’m still not quite clear with the planings.
I am building several websites for different client with CMS format so that they can enter their own contributions. I manage everything else. If I have now for example 5 website projects that need CMS, do I need then 5 times separately the CMS site planning subscription in my workspace?

So in short: a site plan for every project?

If you want to publish each of them on a custom domain yes, form some of my website I use this trick.
I buy a domain name, and on the server included with basic domanin I setup a redirection to the site.
This is what I have done with for example.

Cool but that doesn’t look professional, I wouldn’t recommend doing this way if you work for clients

@Romuald_Jay thanks for the answer. Of course, each project has a custom domain, are all different clients who want to have a website.
I was hoping to be able to create so many different websites with one plan as long as it fits within the limitations.

Anyway, I think those plannings are to expensive with 23$ per month for every Website. Webflow is not profitable for Freelancer. Cause actually I have a Hosting with 1TB SSD for 15$ per month day and have unlimited Websites with custom domains and more… I think I’ll probably stick with Wordpress.

@Be_Bro - If you are looking for a webflow like tool in WordPress without limitations I give a strong recommendation.

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@webdev Thank you very much. Bricks looks awesome and perfect for me.

Hi All,
Apologies for my question obviously I’m completely new to the hosting side of things.
My question come from the same concern like @Be_Bro is given the cost of using Webflow directly would accumulate to modest sum each year.
Where as I have my own Bluehost domains at a very low comparative cost to Webflow (I appreciate that we are not comparing the same thing) but purely from a cost / affordability POV.
So I am looking to create my own website as @Be_Bro has mentioned with CMS, in my case one would be an e-commerce store.
Once I’ve visually built the site per my needs and requirements; is it not possible to just export the HTML, CSS, JS and the assets and host this on my own Bluehost website?
I do appreciate the dilemma is that if I need to make any updates, I assume (or could someone confirm) can I import the code back into Webflow to be ‘tweaked’
Thank for any insight / informative replies.
David :slight_smile:

Export of a project only contains file assets, CSS, JavaScript, and your generated HTML. Dynamic aspects like the CMS or E-commerce, logic, form processing, editing, or membership functionality do not get exported and require Webflow hosting to work. Of course this can all be built with external tools if you wish, which is what I usually do.

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Hi @webdev / Jeff :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight, it is very much appreciated.

So I can see I am quite some way off achieving what I want going down this route, learning / using Webflow that is. All the time to learn how to build all this additionally required functionality would not be a practical use of my time.

I find WF to be a really good package and would prefer to stick with it as it makes design and development much easier.

I guess I will try using something else first to build a small scale site to test my MVP and see how it goes.

If it gets enough traction as folk love to say and I can see it it will generate enough to revenue
to cover the monthly cost of the Webflow hosting plus other incurred costs then I would be happy to run my e-commerce website through Webflow hosting.

Many thanks again for the response and clarification, I have a better grasp of the situation now.
It has not scared me off from using it as I really like how easy it is to create sites and pages so easily tho I’m still in the beginning phase of my learning journey for this.

Kind regards
David :slight_smile:

Wordpress would be your CMS inclusive the WP-Commerce Store which you can use for free too (if simple payments).
And for the Website creativity you could use Webflow and export HTML/CSS/JS or use this mention Plugin Bricks which almost looks like have the same Editor to design your Website incl. Shop directly in WP (which would be more ,I think must more comfortable when you wan’t do do changes directly instead always copy-paste stuff from Webflow).