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CMS Collection Page

I have a CMS collection page that includes articles. One of the fields, the body of the article field, is a text rich field. The problem is that I can not modify the format. No matter what I do, a large portion of it stays in bold arial. The link is below.

Thank you.

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @Brad_Lindell hope that give you an idea how to do that. As you see in images I have changed paragraph style


Thanks so much for the input. Unfortunately still not getting it. What do you mean select a text element and in the selector menu choose a tag (#2). How do I enable the Nest selector option (#3).

I included another link. Thanks!

hi @Brad_Lindell your main problem that you have just copy paste text and you did not set eg. headings. At this moment ALL your text is treated as ONE paragraph so ALL changes you do are applied to whole text. As you see from my first images you had Webflow text template so you can check its structure how is done and set your styling.

Here is nice explanation I have found here on forum