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Style tags directly + more tags + Style guide

Webflow is a very good tool, but still in begining.

I miss a lot to style the tags directly. Its not a good practice to associate a class to a tag every time i call it. A link for example. And it shoudnt be dificult to implement.

Some tags are missing, for example


I passed your post on the whishlist section and I plug in shamelessly.

Styling basic tags could be cool, and we also could be presented a style guide page when we create a new site. On this page, will be placed all the common tags, and we could wtyle them and duplicate them to make variations.

It could start as something like this:

This page could be published or not, could be used to show the style guide to the client. I always build that sort of page, usually in a fake node post, to simulate all the “rich text” possibilities.


I would love that, I have lifted that before in the forum.

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