Style placeholder changes not working

hey all

really struggling with this one - i am trying to change the colour of the placeholder/input text and submission point on a form. ive tried the various codeson the following links but nothing is working !

i have tried reselecting the colour 1000 times as well as refreshing/reloading/trying different browsers.

read only link here

thank you so much in advance !!

hello again !

anyone able to help with this ? i have tried what feels like everything…

thank youuu


hi @blh1234 you have to use variables.

  1. create colour variable
  2. give it a name
  3. use it on your placeholder
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Thank you so much ! This doesnt seem to work for the submit button or text written in by user…

Hi @blh1234 just remove background image (svg) you have applied to input and button and all will start working as expected.

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youre my hero
thank you !!!

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