Style navigation links from CMS pages - customs CSS required

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone help.!!

I just don’t understand how webflow can allow you to build a website and not have the style of your nav links continue through the whole website as it stops when you end up on a CMS template page.

Navigation works as it should until you get to the final page in the path which is from CMS template and then the style of the navigation stops.

If you click on a category and then click on a film you will see that the bold category name reverts to normal font and I want it to stay bold so you know where you are on the site.

How can webflow allow this to happen and not offer any ways to fix this? Why would anyone not want the style to be on every page that is related to that category?

I have tried this script in the cms page settings before body tag but it does nothing.

$( “.nav-cat-link 2:contains(‘commercial’)” ).addClass(‘w–current’);

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you in advance for all your help.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Adrian Wolfson DOP

Have you published the site? Code doesn’t work in preview.

It does work in preview i think. if you click on the various desktop or mobile icons at the top it seems to then load the site.
otherwise you can see it here