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Ability to assign current style out of webflow

I created a site in Webflow and have been editing it elsewhere combining the Webflow generated files with a CMS. Somewhere along the way the ‘current’ style for some pages – not all – has got skewed. I can see the current style in the CSS files, but how does the html know what is ‘current’ as there are no styles attached to items indicating a current status. Is it javascript trickery?
Can I assign a ‘current’ status manually?
Thanks and sorry if this has been brought up before, I had a quick look but couldn’t find anything.

Hi @PixelAce if you were exporting the site, moving to new server and hosting, it is possible maybe that something did not get transferred fully, so I would first suggest, making another ftp transfer. Next, you might check, are all pages in Webflow using same styles for nav menu items? Is there any differences?

I would check that first, If you have an example public link, we can of course look as well.

Hi CyberDave

Thanks for your reply, sorry for the slow response - been on holiday and I’m back and need to sort this out.

Have a look at:

This invitations.php doesn’t display the ‘current’ style, despite it doing so when first created in Webflow.


The Secondary Nav below the Main Nav worked in the Webflow stage and still works despite my tinkering outside Webflow. (I have swapped the colours around since Webflow - so ignore that, all I’m interested in is the highlighting of the current page). Not all menu items are set up in Webflow, click the Traditional and Specialised prints, that one does work…

Can I re-instate the highlight on the Main Nav.

Does this make sense, any help would be appreciated.