Style Link in Ordered List in Rich Text in CMS Item

I’m formatting a blog post template page. When I connect to the CMS content, i’m getting weird formatting of text links that are in numbered lists. Can’t figure out how to fix it. (Not seeing any highlighted text or background color settings anywhere)


This is the RT box unconnected to CMS data. I pasted in the list content so I could format it, and it looks fine here. But then it changes when i connected to CMS content.


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Hey @babygonzo! It looks like all the weird links have this option selected. Can you try to turn it off?

that’s the numbered list option. I can turn it off, but then It doesn’t appear as a numbered list.

There must be a weird configured class somewhere but I can’t find it!

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So, I think it was some kind of embedded coding. I copied the original text from googledocs with the links already included.

I just went in to the CMS and removed all teh links, re-pasted plain text, then manually added the links back in one at a time… it seems to have fixed it…

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Awesome! Next time, if you copy paste your text from somewhere else, I would suggest you to use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste it. So that way it won’t import the original text formatting (bold text, highlighted text, etc.)

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