List Items in Rich Text for Editors

I have some rich text elements on a website, while testing out the editor function, I noticed that theres no option to insert a list item? This is not a CMS item, this is just a rich text element on a webpage.

Hi @chrisl here are some sources that will give you answer to you question. If you still do have issues you can find more responses for identical request easily here on forum or on YT or feel free to reach Webflow university to learn how to work with this platform component.

Hi Stan,

This isn’t quite the problem I have. I am specifically referring to RTE within the Editor not the designer.

HI @chrisl I have now tested on demo project and it works as expected, go on the end of any sentence (or what ever content) press Enter to create a new empty line, when is cursor on new line small + icon in circle appear to add any content type. It is identical behaviour as in Designer.