Stuck on Sticky

Hello, Webflow community!

I spent the last week trying to figure it out and even went to the last page of Google but can’t wrap my head around why this doesn’t work.

If you go to my read-only site below, you’ll notice a “search bar”. It’s wrapped in a div and I want it to be sticky with 20% on top. But when I make it sticky, it only scrolls to the border of the next section and then it stops! Why is that?

I just want the search bar to be sticky and scroll past other sections. What do I need to change? All overflows are visible. Help will be so appreciated!

Thank you!


To achieve this you need to use fixed position not sticky position.
Sticky is useful for section only. it work best for section only not full page.
Use fixed position.
Let me know if you still need any help.

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