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Problem with Sticky

Hi all! I’m new to the community – and to Webflow – and after finding a lot of answers in the forum and the way people help each other, I have to admit this community is amazing!

Anyway, I’m breaking my forehead with the monitor because I can’t find the way around to this little problem I’m having with Sticky positioning, and I thought I’ll give it a shot with you talented folks :smiley:

I have 2 divs in one column, and I would like to make the lower div sticky. For some reason, if I set the “locator” in 0px from the bottom, it works (actually, it even overlaps to the div above until scrolling), but I can’t manage to make it work with the top locator. Funnily enough, if I set the sticky to the whole column, it also works… but I would like to have only that second div sticky to the top, after the user scrolls down the page (specifically, not the whole newsletter component, but just the menu below).

I would deeply appreciate any guidance and already thanking you all heaps in advance.

Have a nice day!!


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Hello @ohlalasacrebleu

I created a small video for you to fix this issue, hopes this helps:

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Legend!! I can’t begin to thank you enough…

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