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Strange sorting of the blog collection

Please pay attention to the sorting results according to whether the sorting is smallest to largest or largest to smallest. Why is this happening. Ask for help.

Sorting from smallest to largest number

Sorting from largest to smallest number

Without sorting

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Hello @peter_savi

Definitely a strange behavior. Can you share you read-only link?

Piter :webflow_heart:

hi @PiterDimitrov
this is my read-only link:

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So the years are the published date/year? Is this the purpose of the year?

@peter_savi Not sure, but can you go to the Blog CMS collection > Rok-num > format > change to any format and try again.

Piter :webflow_heart:

Yes, years are the published date. Your suggestion to switch from integer to any format did not help :frowning:

What is going on…:confused: Any other sugestions, please?

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Why not using date picker?

I received such a database. The database was imported from an excel file


I just checked and I am not seeing the issue. I sorted on the rock_num integer field both directions with no issues. Can you please review this again yourself, to see if it persists.

Can you upload a screenshot? Still I have the same issue.

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I still see the issue. Why not adding a date field to the blog collection and uploading the csv file again

@peter_savi My check was done on the homepage where you’re displaying a collection list of blog posts.

Your issue appears on the lab detail page Where are you are using a reverse reference to blog items. I suspect the issue lies in the reverse reference of blog > labs.

You could test this out by adding a multi-reference field to the labs collection that points to blog posts, and then using that relationship for the collection list on the labs page. If the results are different, then we have isolated the issue.

I personally have not done a reverse relationship from a collection item, but this raised my suspicion.

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It seems like I found the solutions. I just added an additional filter to the collection. I don’t understand why it helped but in the end it helped.

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