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Sort by "publish" date incorrectly sorts by "updated" date


I have my blog sort order set to have the newest published blog posts appear first. Here is a screenshot showing that:

However, any time I make any sort of update to an older blog post and publish, the edited post appears first in the sort order. Why is this the case and how can I fix this problem?

Thank you in advance and here is a read-only link:

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When you make a change to an old blog post and publish it, Webflow updates the Published On date of the post. The sort order you should use is Created On because it will never change, even when you make improvements to old posts.


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Hey, @ctrav!

Thank you for your help.

I have changed it to the Created On date. With that said, will it base that date on the first time I created it as a Draft, or does it pull that date from when I publish it? For example, I don’t want to start a draft and then two weeks later publish it and have it be the third blog post down because I had published two posts since then. Does that make sense?

Thank you again for your help. Pura Vida!

Really excellent question.

In an attempt to make some sense of this, I’ve simulated a CMS blog where I sporadically made drafts, then skipped to publishing others, then went back and published drafts.

Here’s my live test site.
And here’s the public link.

Admittedly I am failing to make complete sense of it, but I hope this example will help you understand it better. Please feel free to play around with it.


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Yes, it looks like it orders them on the original created on date and not the published date. This makes it really hard to schedule blog posts out in advance.

@webflow, any other ideas to work around this?
Thank you!

Hi @WellnessGangster thanks for bringing this up - I took a peek but it appears to be working as expected on my end:

Is this still causing trouble for you? If so, can you please send me some screenshots showing the settings of your dynamic and the list being out of order? Include the site, page, and element names so I can take a closer look.

Also, Thank you @ctrav for making the test site!

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