Collection list sorting in tab?

Hi webflow,

I am stuck trying to fix a bug and can use some help.

Here is my preview link

The publications page has a CMS collection with three tabs of filters. There is a CMS field informing the tab filtering and another CMS field for display order, where I number the CMS items (references to publications in this case) pages: 10, 20, 30 etc.

When I get back to the publications page, the collection list is set to display the order largest to smallest. The sort order works correctly in the “all filter” but then does not work for the “valvular heart disease” filter.

When I investigate all the setting seem the same for all the tab.

Please help!

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Ok so each tab has a collection list with a filter. If you look at the sort order for each, it is set to “Published On, Newest to oldest” not your order field. So this would be the expected behavior right?

@webdev Thank you - your response helped. Turns out I was incorrectly navigation to each collection tab, so even though I thought I was changing the sort order for each tab, I was only on the “all” tab.