Strange Interaction Issues on Chrome

Hello everyone,

I recently created an interaction using the scroll-into-view trigger method (Div 100% width, 0px height, absolute position to top) to trigger the interaction. The interaction works fine in the Webflow preview and Safari browser. However, when displayed on Chrome, the interaction doesn’t behave consistently as designed.

I have tried many ways to fix the issue, such as changing the Div height to 16px and moving the trigger from the body into the section, but nothing works. I really need your help as I have spent hours trying to figure out a fix. Could it be an issue with Chrome?

Here are two links to show you how the interaction should behave versus how it behaves on Chrome:

This video shows how the intended interaction should behave:
(Top Banner’s height shrinks consistently when scrolling) Intended Interaction on Webflow preview

This video shows how the interaction behaves on Chrome:
(Top Banner’s height sometimes shrinks when scrolling) Interaction problem on Chrome

Thank you so much for your time and help in advance!

It would be best to share your project link and website link so that others can actually pin point your issue.

@abirana I am very sorry about the late response.

Website link: Sheridan's Design Pricing

Project link: Webflow - Sheridan's Portfolio