Sticky nav shows up with a weird jump instead of smooth animation on Chrome

Hey Guys! I’m having a problem with sticky nav on my website that I can’t seem to fix myself. It supposed to come down from the top on a white background once you scroll past navigation that you see on page. I’m using scroll into/ out of view as a trigger on the nav that scrolls with the page and then target class that is aimed at the nav that supposed to come down. And it works beautifully on safari, but on chrome on the very first scroll sticky nav doesn’t come down smoothly and instead suddenly just appears once you scroll the page a bit.

you can see how it works here -

Would really appreciate some help on this.

Thank you

The community will need your share link to investigate the issue. Here’s how to get that link:

edit: the video is older. You can actually get the share link in the designer now too. Here: