Strange Image Issues on Export

I’m getting a strange issue when my site is exported. I just published it, and now one of my fixed images is acting quirky and doesn’t always display correctly. See the screenshots below. The site can be seen at, and the read only link is here:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Can anyone from Webflow help with this? @PixelGeek @cyberdave @brryant

Rename your background image from

background-image: url(’…/images/detroit-skyline (1).jpg’);


background-image: url(’…/images/detroit-skyline-1.jpg’);

On your server… it translates to

which is different than

Try to avoid spaces and special characters in filenames

  • other than dash and underscore.

I also generally only use lower case with file names (you did as well)
as linux treats filenames literally and windows treats figuratively.

On a linux server… these are 2 different files

On windows… they are the same file.

That’s why I always just use lowercase now (for filenames).

In the past… I’ve written coldfusions apps on a windows server

  • then to save $$$, the client switched over to coldfusion on a linux server.
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