İmage Broke - Website Exporting issue


everything is great when I publish webflow domain :

But when I export and upload. All img broked?

What should I do? Thanks for help

Hey @serhad

I checked out your site on my iMac which has operating system version 10.12.1 on Safari version 10.0.1 and the two links provided look identical in structuring.

What browser and operating system as well as their versions are you using?

Windows 10 - Chrome 54.0.2840.71 m (64-bit)

for now I using webflow hosting. İts easy way to solve problem for now

I don’t see any missing images…

however… I notice your (image) file names have “accents”

for example:

5825f3f0ecf3da7642a9c5e2_2016 -2.Parça-page-029-p-500x612.jpeg

Par >>>> ç <<<<a

You also have a period / dot before “Parça”
There’s an accent in the above word. Perhaps rename the file in ASCII / ANSI format

so the file name would be

5825f3f0ecf3da7642a9c5e2_2016 -2-parca-page-029-p-500x612.jpeg

( and I always use lower case letters - linux systems are very picky whereas windows systems are not )

( on linux: abc.jpg is not the same file as aBc.jpg )

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Thanks for help :slight_smile:

@Revolution @VladimirVitaliyevich

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