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Having Trouble Exporting Background Images


I am having issues with exporting background images. For some reason, webflow keeps putting in different file names as far as I can see for the exported code. This does not happen in published mode, only when exported. Any ideas?


Hi @mktgmeg, is this a case where your images have the @ symbol as part of the file name? Because we are looking at one potential bug right now, where the exported css references this file with the unicode version of the @ symbol in the file name in the css, while the actual file name itself is exported and uses the symbol, not the unicode as part of the file name.

We are investigating that issue. Or is your issue different? Cheers!

HI @cyberdave!

No I don’t have an @ symbol in the file name at all. I have tried several different images, file names, etc and nothing seems to be working to get a background image up.

Ok thanks for the update. We’ll take a look at this and get back to you. Cheers !

I have this issue too.
I update a image with file name"contact.jpg" and see same file name in the design mode. When I exported to zip file and see source code is “src=“images/contact-3.jpg”” in the html file. So I upload all files in the unzipped folder to my hosting and can’t see this image. Because the image locals on “images/contact.jpg”
Please help.