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Strange glitch on mobile devices


This community seems to be so nice and helpful, I hope there is someone who can help me with a problem, that I have. I am a bit frustrated and can not find a solution or even an explanation for my strange problem. I am new to webflow and currently setting up my own website.

My situation/problem:

CMS and a collection list is used to show some projects on my page „Motion & CGI“. Everything works fine on a computer, even in responsive mode, but when I watch my website on an iPhone it gets messed up. The following happens: When I first load the page in mobile portrait everything seems to be fine, but only sometimes. When I switch to my page „About“ and then back to „Motion & CGI“ via my menu, it often gets messed up. When I leave the browser and then open it again it always gets completely messed up and always in a different way, there is no pattern how it appears. Same happens when I load the page, go to mobile landscape and then back again to portrait. I tested it with two iPhone 7 and two iPhone Xs, everytime the same issue. On an Android phone it seems to be fine, but I could only test it on one, a Huawai Nova.

Here are two screenshots, which show the issue. Like I said, it is different every time:

Do I something wrong, or is it a bug? I just want the projects to be under each one in a single row in mobile. So the standard setting when selecting two columns within the Collection List.

And I guess the following question is a wrong setting of mine, but I also want to stretch the projects to 100% width in mobile landscape mode. Currently it does not, only if I load the page in landscape first. How do I achieve this?

Thank you for your help in advance!



Here is my site Read-Only:
Here is my Published Site:

Okay, I think I found out, what is causing this glitch. It seems that making the images black and white with an effect (does not matter if greyscale or saturation 0%) is causing the problem. When I remove it, everything works fine. Seems to be a bug in my eyes. It is good to know what is the origin of the problem now, but of course I have to find away to get it working somehow.

You definitely should move this post to the bugs page. I’m sure webflow would like for you to report it.

Sorry, you are absolutely right! I moved it to the right category! Thanks!

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Hi @fhoelterhoff,

Thanks for posting about your layout differences, as this sounds like odd behavior.

Would you be able to provide an updated Read-Only link of the project?

I’d be happy to take a look for you.

Thanks in advance! :bowing_man::webflow_heart:

Hi! Thanks for replying!

Sorry, I proceeded with a workaround, so the link was not up to date anymore. I recreated my effect for you, but now it is working and no glitch appears anymore.:thinking: I do not know what is different this time. I will test it again and see if it shows up anytime, but for now, the problem seems to be gone.

But I keep the links open now (go to the menu and then to Motion Design & CGI):
Published Page:

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Hi, @fhoelterhoff!

Thanks for sharing that! I’ll do some testing and see if I can find anything on my end as well! Also, if you see this again please let us know! :slight_smile:

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