Strange gap between filtered collections

Hi Webflow folk,

Can anybody tell me how to get rid of the gap that is appearing between the two groups of output on this page.

The output is from two collections but they are both using the same layoyt/styling so the lower group of names should follow on as though part of the top group = no gap.

This image shows both collection-list elements highglighted and there is a gap showign above the lower collection.

Both Collections are being filtered by a switch which I suspect is part of the problem in the lower collection. The image below is showing empty divs in the code that are part of the gap. How do I get rid of this?

Any suggestions appreciated.

You have a margin-bottom:10px set on the .wrap-a-contact class item. While the contents are hidden on the two invisible items, the parent adds the height you see as the gap.

Thank you Webdev. Thought I was going mad.