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Gutter between Collection Items

Daftest question of the day - what’s the best way to set a gutter down the middle between these Collection Items?! I’ve set a background colour on the items so internal padding does not work (or at least I can get it to work but it adds padding to the right side of the right as well, which I don’t want).

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Hi @ConnectCreativeDes

Here’s a little hacky way to do it:


You give some left and right margin to your collection items and then you give the same amount as a negative margin to the items’ parent.

I can see that you solved the issue on your homepage with columns, You might want to go back to flexbox with this simple trick.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to make the video - I’ve been tearing by hair out for the past couple of hours wondering how to do this! In the end I gave up and used columns with static content to show the client the visual, but will now revisit using the CMS version and your explanation to correct it.

Thanks again buddy, appreciated :slight_smile:

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