Typing in Webflow Designer's text fields is totally unreliable and unenjoyable

Typing, erasing, cutting, copying, pasting and generally using any text fields in Webflow Designer in Firefox on both Mac and Windows is a fully bugged experience.

  • Typing quickly is impossible, as Webflow misses every other letter.

  • Highlighting all text using CTRL+A and immediately hitting backspace or CTRL+X is completely broken, requiring you to click and drag to erase text.

  • After typing in a text field for more than a minute or just a few lines, if you then wish to copy, paste, cut or type, the box seemingly adopts a mind of its own and will randomly position or remove or add entire paragraphs of text anywhere it wants inside your text box.

  • Highlighting all text and typing new text in place is fully bugged.

  • Attempting to type non-bold text after a Bold element is impossible, instead requiring the creative cut & paste of bold text before a non-bold letter, followed by editing the text to finally say what you want.

  • Using any text box results in a full 1+ second lag between input and result, which is the root cause driving most of the bugs I mention above because Webflow does not remember any inputs that occur during this lag period.

Please fix these high-impact, deeply unpleasant issues that have plagued Webflow for years, especially considering Firefox is an officially supported browser.

I second that and I’m using Chrome. I’ve adapted a really weird way of typing really slowly so letters won’t be missed. So stupid. It also happens with the media panel. The panels restarts a search after every letter and meanwhile won’t let me keep typing, so in the end most of the letters go missing. I have to type “i…m…a…g…e” to find something.

I’m in chrome. The text editor is completely borked. Is there a solution to this? I’ve tried refreshing, signing out and in and nothing works. All text editing is backwards and reversed.

Yep, same issues. I type into notepad on Windows, then copy and paste over into Webflow. It’s very inefficient but it’s more efficient than typing directly which is exceptionally slow and requires a lot of editing for the vaporized characters.

Same thing happening to me, but not on all of my devices. My M1 Pro Macbook Pro does not exhibit this behavior, but my older iMac does… I’m wondering if its a performance optimization issue… This never used to happen so something seems to be requiring more juice. I’d be curious what devices you all are using…