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Strange CMS Artifacts on Page

I am trying to use the editor on my sites in CMS but the CMS drop down menu items are displaying really messed up. Anyone else have this problem? It’s the same for all my sites.

Still have this problem. usually everything is in nice purple CMS bubbles but now it’s all messed up AND it’s on every site I own in Webflow.

Does the issue persist within an incognito window with all of your extensions disabled? If so I’d probably recommend reaching out to Webflow Support (if you haven’t already) so they can take a closer peek on their end—most of us are fairly limited in the support we can provide.

I’ll also pink a couple folks who around the forum from the time to time to see if they can’t take a quick peek.

@WebDev_Brandon @Waldo

Thanks for help. Ive reached out to CS. Was mainly wondering if its a sitewide thing vs me. Looks like its just me