Navbar issue using CMS as nav links

I’m having issues with nav behavior that has Collection Pages/List populating the nav links. Apologies for only attaching pics and not sending a read-only link, but client doesn’t want this appearing publicly until launched.

Nav links work as expected when clicking on a standalone (non-CMS) nav link. As expected, the nav drops down then nav slides back up while new page loads.

But when choosing one of the CMS nav links, the new page loads but the nav doesn’t slide back up. Instead, I have to manually click the hamburger to close the nav. Here are some screenshots that replicate clicking on CMS nav links.

thank you in advance for any help!

Hi @Scout and this is to be expected with CMS elements.

Due to their nature of non-refreshed linking system. When you use conventional links the page will refresh which causes the dropdown to cycle back to start position. With CMS activated nav links, this does not happen. I have tried this technique in the past with no resolve.

Let’s see if one of the support guys can help out with this issue. However, it may not be looked at until tomorrow tho. @rileyrichter, @mistercreate, @cyberdave, @Brando, @PixelGeek do you gents have any thoughts?

Happy Designing,


Thanks for tagging me, @QA_Brandon! @Scout - could you DM me a read-only link so I can take a look for you? :webflow_heart:

Hi, @Scout!

I did some checking on my end and I’m seeing this behavior in the Editor, but it seems to be working as expected on the published site. See this image:


Is it working for you on the published site?