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Strange behavior of text link


I can’t get my head wrapped around this.

I have created a Div Block container which I use a wrapper to make a whole section appear/disappear, when hitting a button. Within this container I have various text paragraphs. I also wanted to use a text link, which I inserted after one and before another text paragraph.

The link has a page destination assigned. I am seeing it as text and also in it’s standard blue underlined format. I have assigned a style to it called “Text Link” but the style is currently not doing anything so far.

But in preview the cursor won’t change over the link and the link won’t work.

Any ideas? Thank you!


When I move the link to the top of the page for example, out of the Div Container, the link works fine.

Can you post a public link to your designer so we can take a look?

Hi David. Sorry, I am new to this. I have published the site and made it public. How can I direct you to the right page/section?

No problem we were all new at some point. This post should help you out.

Thank you! Here’s the link:

How do I best direct you to the page and section in question? This link only takes you to the site in general, right?

I just tried the link and it denied me access. Here’s another attempt:

The page in questions is called “Essenzen” in the folder called “Essenzen”

The text link in question is in the third “Container 1200” element

Starting with the style, Use the typography section to change the default underline to no underline. Some times the cursor wont change, you can try refreshing webflow / rebooting your computer. The finger should appear in the published site regardless.

For some reason the paragraphs on either side of the link are blocking it from being clicked. You can fix it by using the navigation panel to move the link above the paragraphs in the html structure and then moving the link back again.

Let me know if this works.

You mean the paragraphs that sit above and below the link? Yes, they seem to be the problem. If I move the link other places it works fine.

But I need it there… :smile: