Text link with hidden paragraph

So I’m trying to do such a simple thing but I can’t get it to work… In the top section you can see the “FAQ” - You get to the “Vanliga frågor och svar” section when you click it, and in that section is where my problem is: There you have Text links in grey that when you click on them makes text pop down (Paragraph + Hidden block).

I just can’t get a new one to work. How do I do this? :confused: I’ve tried to copy all settings from the other ones but the text won’t get hidden. The only difference I can see is that the “Selector” section says that the Block that hides the paragraph (which it doesn’t…) got “1 on this page” compared to the other ones that got “2 on this page, 8 on other pages”.

So confused. How do I connect the text link to the paragraph/block? No other setting is showing any connection (link only says “#”) or animation added.

Help? :confused:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Via Ferrata – Skuleberget – Svenska

Live site: http://www.viaferrata.se/

Hi there,

I’d like to be able to help you, but I’m not quite understanding your question or your desired functionality…

Would you mind describing in more detail what you’re trying to have happen?

If you are trying to use the Tabs component to display only the questions at first, and then reveal the answers to the questions when the user clicks (by showing that active tab) then you are not currently using the Tabs component correctly. In that case you would need a tab link for each question, and a tab for each answer.

I did not design this site, I am just trying to edit it like the creator did… That’s why I’m not even trying to use anything that might be much better haha… :sweat_smile:

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So I want the same thing to happen on a new section (I just want to add one more grey button there) that it does on the previous ones:

1: The grey Text links are connected to the Paragraph so when you click the grey button the text appears.

You understand?

I think I understand, but right now you have all of your content on a single tab. You can add new tabs in the element settings (select your current vf tab pane and use the keyboard shortcut d

In short, you’re not getting the desired result because you’re not using the Tabs component properly. I’d advise you to look at the documentation and tutorials.

Also, you don’t need a new class for every paragraph when they all have the same styling.

So there is no good way for me to just be able to make a new Text link section just like the others? I’d LOVE not to have to try to change the whole secton/tab…