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[resolved] Troubleshooting Text Link

It seems simple, but I can not figure it out.

Could you please take a look at the text link in this section

and tell me why it won’t work? It’s an Email link, but it just won’t do anything. In other sections of the site it works just fine…

Thank you in advance!

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Hi there @Tobias, I took a quick look at your page, and one thing I could see is that you may need to update your layout a bit… currently you have a div under the body and then more divs with sections within divs. The Section element has special meaning in Webflow, and these should only be used at the top root level of the site, under the body.

So you might have something like this:


But not:


So my suggestion is to update the layout so that you only use Sections under the body, and place other content in sections. I think that something funky is happening on the page due to the layout. You can tell if an element is a Section or Div, by looking at the Settings tab for a selected element. See my screenshot:

If I move that link in between existing sections, it works… but I think that if you correct the above, then it should also help your structure and fix the link.

I would try that, and if you have any questions, let me know… :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Thank you!

Can I simply retag sections as divs or do I need to swap out the elements?

Ok, I have restructured everything as you said, but… it is still not working. Would you please take another look?

You may also want to look at the link in the last element on that page. It is also a text link with E-Mail function and that one works perfectly…

Thanks @Tobias, I will take another look and get back to you as soon as I can :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

When you can’t at all click on link, start by looking for elements being renderd on top of them. OR an issue with z-indexes (which is a bit the same).

I selected your section, saw it had a z-index of 6, changed it to 60 arbitrary, and the link then work. So maybe rework your z-indexes. Put z-indexes on elements at the same exact level in the navigator hierarchy.

@vincent Thank you, that did it. Don’t know what could have been on top, but… thank you!

@Tobias: Love that glassy design! Feels almost I’m sitting in a great sauna looking out on the lake from a digital window ! :smile:


Thank you Steven! It’s my first website thanks to Webflow.