Strange Apple related Jquery issue

I’m having this odd jquery issue across Apple devices, mainly the most up to date OS and iOS.

The issue is - for any new user to my website on these the devices, the jquery from here fails to load and the website displays some text and loses some functionality. It will eventually load after a few refreshes but 1st instance suffers.

I’ve found it’s a known bug - SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL. Which is a self-signed ssl cert error.

Quick fix was to add

<script src=""></script>

to the custom code and it seems to load fine.

Now the consequences are our sales have literally been slashed in half as 50% of our customers come from apple devices and all through adwords as new visitors. The dip coincides with the release of the latest JS 3.3.1.

Any one have any perm fix and having similar issues?

Hi @Gary_Tuohy

Thanks for posting about this — that definitely sounds odd.

In order to test this, can you please share the website on which you are seeing this error?

To be sure, are you behind any kind of firewall, VPN, or unique router settings?

​Thanks in advance!

Sure, it’s

Not behind any VPN, Firewall, no unique router settings. Tested on multiple devices and networks too.


Hi @Gary_Tuohy

Thanks so much for sharing the site. I tested on this end using an iPhone 8+ (latest iOS) — both with and without the quick fix snippet. In both tests, the site loaded quickly and as expected without any loss of functionality.

Has the issue been resolved on your end? If you do still see the issue can you provide more details regarding:

the website displays some text and loses some functionality.

Screenshots / recordings are also very useful here as well, including screenshots of any console errors you may be seeing.

​Thanks in advance!

It’s resolved now yes.

Thank you for looking into this for me. I did notice that in April the Jquery CDN was having issues in general but all resolved now.

Thanks again.

Actually, I did take screenshots of the issue occurring.


Thanks for sending those screenshots. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for other instances, but I’m happy to hear the issue has been resolved. :slight_smile:

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