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Storytelling with 3D - Best Practices?!

Using 3D on web-projects has become trendy. But in order to create a real immersive experience I think you need more then just a random 3d object floating around or following your cursor.

A 3D object that moves with you along the page a reacts to your scrolling offers much more possibilities to tell exciting stories.

I mean check these examples:
1 - Pioneer – Corn. Revolutionized.
2 - VanMoof S3 & X3 Launch

Here and there in the forum some people asked questions regarding this topic, but since there are many possible ways to approach that i would like to start a Best Practice Topic here.

How would you go for 3d implementations like the ones above? With 3D Objects reacting to scroll?

Apple did it with a jpeg-sequence for their Apple Airpod Pros but this seems to be very limited.

Would love to create this collection here! So feel free to join the conversation!

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Woah, thank you for sharing these amazing examples by the way, these are so amazing and filled with endless inspiration. I’m absolutely flabbergasted at some of these interactions… thank you.

Anyways, I personally have seen people:

1. Render out some 3D Objects
2. Import into AE and create a lottie
3. Upload lottie into Webflow
4. Create Interaction in Scroll Progress


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