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Store files online?

Anyone got a good way to store .js files and even images etc that easily can be accessed via a link?
Tried with Dropbox and Google Drive and even my own FTP but that wouldn’t work for me because it don’t generate a straight adress to the file.

Currently building a site for my solo project Azzopardi and in the “Album” section i’m going to add an HTML5 audio player. But the files for e.g the “play / pause”-button needs to be stored somewhere so I can link to them in the CSS.

Have you tried replacing by in the file URL? This is the proper direct URL for files. Never tried with JS though, but it works for background video files with Webflow sites.

No, I haven’t! But I actually just got it working through Google Drive!

You create a Public Folder, make sure anyone can find it and then, make the DETAILS pane visible, click in a file and then, in the “DETAILS”-area, there’s a section called HOSTING with a direct link to the file. However, for some utterly, bizarre and absolutely unacceptable reason…it’s only available in the old drive. Not the new one. Reeeally hope they get that going soon.

yes, dropbox works fine if you use your public link folder for JS.

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