Dropbox is removing public folders = no more hosting files there

Apparently Dropbox is discontinuing Public Folders on March 15, 2017 - about two weeks from now. Will Webflow be launching the ability to host files by then? (that’s a joke)…

Anyways, looking for simple alternatives. Anybody willing to help out if I run into some snafu’s setting up an Amazon S3 account? Might be an alternative until Webflow allows you to bundle up a few pdfs and js files with a build in 2024.

Or I guess I’ll look into some cheap hosting and figure out how to just host files alone without linking a domain to it? Maybe that is another route…

Maybe somebody can chime in with another solution?

@webflow - We need integrated file hosting, especially for $20 a month per build. Make it happen soon. Pretty please with sugar on top :wink:


I think you still can share/link individual files as usual.

I use mega.nz as a cloud hosting… It provides me with a nice amount (I have a paid plan tho) and I love their interface and usability in overall.

And yes, I can share anything I wish :stuck_out_tongue:
Might be a nice alternative!


Just signed up and MEGA is really impressive! How do you create public links like with Dropbox? Is it only a pro feature?

You don’t have to create public links to share. It just means people can’t edit the files. I think it will still work for pdf’s ect. From the notice I got. It seemed to me that as Sam said you can still get a share link and use that. But now no one can edit the file. It’s the method I’ve been using for customers to update their own resumes and link to their sites. Though I’d love an in webflow solution. Also been thinking about hosting js scripts too. As long as to view things a visitor doesn’t have to login to dropbox it should be fine.

Thanks for the clarification.

To link to a css file, the link needs to link to the file directly and not to a page where it is downloaded.





The latter takes you to a download page. That link is created from their interface but wont work. I’m trying to find the direct link to the file with the .css extension.

SUPER GOOD MOVE Dropbox … now the crawlers will stop slowing the system down on all these public folders. Very Smart .

Et All - I use Dropbox extensively for controlled file sharing (which all file sharing should be controlled IMO)


Current “Public Folder” Dropbox sharing option:

“Private Folder” Sharing option (i.e. what we’ll be left with after the 15th):
h ttps://www.dropbox.com/s/rh1194a52l1cntb/zoom.js

It’s breaking all hosted CSS and JS files…

What do you mean by “breaking CSS and JS files”?

They don’t “download” or “load”, or whatever term you want to use…

Ok if that’s the case Webflow we need to be able to upload some files. Otherwise our option becomes paying for extra hosting somehwere else which I’m not super keen on when I’m already paying for hosting.

One interim solution posted by @md673. Thanks, appreciate it.

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:+1: Happy to help. Let me know if you guys have any questions.


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