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Upload JavaScript files

I would like to use a JavaScript audio player rather than a standard html embed audio player. I found one simple JavaScript player that meets my needs, though it requires to upload three files in the same folder, somewhere on my site. I found it from You can see it’s a very simple instruction, copy and paste a few JS, change the file links, and upload three files on my server. Since there is no asset manager, I would like to see if you can help or there is any suggestions.

This JS consists of three files, JavaScript files (.js), flash (.swf), and GIF (Although I can upload the gif, it has to be in the same folder with .js and .swf file.) I tried to upload these files on google doc or dropbox, recommendation from other post, but js player doesn’t work.

I can’t just copy and paste the coding from the .js file here because it’s too long. But you can download or see the three important files in the following link:

Let me know if you can help. Once I figure out how to upload these files, it will be very helpful if I need to implement other JavaScript in the future, if needed, too.


Hi @gummytiger, at the moment, we do not have support in the Asset Manager for uploading anything other than images.

If you have scripts that you need to link to, there are some options:

  1. Link to the script from a public script CDN repository,
  2. Upload the script to a file storage service, like Dropbox. When linking to a shared public link to the file in Dropbox, replace the www in the url to “dl”, so the file opens up like a file, and not a webpage. You can also use any other file storage you may have service with.
  3. If the script is less than 20k characters, it can be directly pasted into the head or footer of your site. I would recommend linking to files before trying to paste a huge amount of script in the custom code panels.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


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