Store creating help

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to design a small store with Webflow, but I have no experience with that (stores).

So I did some research in the forums and wasn’t able to find anything regarding it, that’s why I’m here to ask for some help/tips.

I’m looking to build a website that will have:

  • Search Bar
  • Shopping Basket (ecwid or paystand?)
  • Order History
  • My Account page

I would definitely appreciate any tips or links to anything you guys find it will be useful for me.
Never had any trouble learning new things, so please feel free to drop anything you want to share :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Hey @IggsTP!

Check out this post: Responsive Ecommerce with in Webflow

It uses and its killer. There’s a video tutorial there as well that shows you step by step how to integrate the Foxy cart into your Webflow site!

@Hamilton thanks for this :smiley:

I’ll definitely have a look and see if it fits my client’s needs.
Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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@Hamilton Thanks for recommending us.

@IggsTP Definitely let us know if we can help with anything. There is a Foxy / Webflow project soon to launch that includes some pretty advanced product setup, product search, and more. We’ll post that as soon as it’s live.



Wendy from Ecwid is here.

Ecwid is an embeddable shopping cart. This means you can easily add Ecwid store to your Webflow site and it will function as a seamless part of it. You can try Ecwid for free, for that you need register new Ecwid account at You can use our free plan as long as you want.

In order to add Ecwid to your site, please do the steps enumerated in this article:

The orders will be collected in your Ecwid control panel at It’s a place where you can manage your store: add/edit products, setup shipping and payment options, monitor sales.

The customers will be able to create accounts in your Ecwid store and review their order history.

If you have any questions about Ecwid, please contact us directly at We’ll be glad to assist!

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@ecwid_team well, that’s pretty much what I wanted…

Client’s can review their orders and that mobile app is really useful.

The best thing is that I can add 10 products and not having to subscribe, since I’ll have to transfer everything to my client and he’ll subscribe latter + add more products.

Many thanks for that Wendy :slight_smile:

@Olivia_Bond thank you Olivia, but I want to export my code and change it on my own way :slight_smile:
and I’m not a big fan of WordPress :stuck_out_tongue:

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