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Stop SEO for my website, I'm not paying for a plan

I’ve gone through all the posts on SEO and haven’t managed to find any post that helps me because, as I’m only on the free plan, I can’t manipulate anything in my SEO tab. Basically, I created a website for a class under my school email. Later on I created a professional email and must have changed something on webflow because my profile url is:

Now webflow (pro-email) takes up 3 of the top search results in Google and it’s driving me crazy. I’d rather not delete my whole account because that website is still a portfolio of a class that I appreciated and is often used as a resource by other students who came after me. I made sure my account email was not my professional one already. I’d like my actual professional portfolio and Twitter account to be at the top of the list, not a dumb webflow site that I don’t care to share with the world. If none of you can help me then I will delete my account if it’s the only way to get the SEO to stop.

Hi @mkim8

Have you sent an email to support, or used the help form?

Let them know which emails you have used for your account - and explain it’s a one-off issue you are looking to solve. Also tagging @AnnaKelian @PixelGeek @cyberdave @sabanna - in case they can help via the forum.


Seems like you want to change the url of a showcased project. I think only staff can do that.

The alternative is to clone the project, name it something else, then showcase that instead. (Un-showcasing/deleting the original)

What’s your plan then for the latest SEO in 2017?