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Hide my web site on a free account


Is there any way to hide my webflow web site from the search indexing? Or maybe just hide it completely?

I have a free account on which I am holding a development web site. But is is currently showing up in searches and degrading the SEO of the current active site.

All the options I see to hide the site seem to be limited to paid accounts. If I have to get a paid account to hide the site, then I have no choice but to delete the site and move on from Webflow.


This may help you:


I have already tried that and got this message…

“SEO settings are only available to those with hosting plans.”


Possibly a bug then. It should be available no matter on a free or paid plan.

I get the same error message on a free plan I set-up to test. When turning the toggle switch under Indexing on SEO Settings. The Error message happens after you click save. As for the Robot.txt the option doesn’t show and instructs that this option is only available to sites on a hosting plan.

I tried this again, as I think Scott said something happens “after you click save”. Not sure if this means he was able to do it. I was not.

Is someone on Webflow staff able to provide a solution? My only other choice seems to be to tear down my site on Webflow.


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By IT I meant “The Error message”

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Hi @patstyles @Revolution @Scott_Van_Zandt and @samliew. Currently the ability to disable the subdomain indexing requires a paid membership plan such as the Lite plan or higher, or a paid hosting subscription.

It also requires a paid hosting subscription/plan membership to use the robots.txt feature.

Without a paid hosting subscription, the option to disable the subdomain indexing for the url in question, is to rename the site and publish under a new subdomain so that the original url no longer exists and leads to a 404 page.

Alternatively, the site can also be unpublished, so that the url in question leads to a 404, and can be removed from the index that way.

I hope this helps.

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So be it. I was only parking the site in case I ever went back to Webflow. I can’t do that now as doesn’t display in China.

Thanks for letting us know.


Thanks for the clarification and official answer!

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