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Navlink opens SOME pages with drop-down hamburger menu open

Hi again

weird problem

my hamburger menu

when I open it and choose ANY navlink, the linked page loads fine with the menu closed

If i open the menu and choose a navlink for the same page I’m on, the page loads but with the menu open!

I can’t see any options as to why this is happening

any clues?


cheers guys

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi there!

Please add a read only link to your project so we could have a look and make suggestions!

So what is the behavior you are looking to get? this is happening like this because the page is not really changing so the the nav’s status doesn’t change from open to close… so what would you like to achieve when you press the link of the page you are on?

I’d like every page to load with the menu closed, whether it’s the first time you visited it or a repeat visit… even if you click & reload the same page you are already on from the menu (or i could remove link for current-page if that can’t work)


So, i think the easiest way would be to disable the nav link on the current page. This would require some custom code… but jquery has remove attr’ function.

So you would write a script that will check if link has a “current” class and if it does then it removes the href attribute…

No it’s something else going on… it’s almost random… try clicking on the first 3 image icons in the drop-down (from top left) they all seem to load ok without menu… the others all load WITH menu open, sometimes if you then go back to icon-1 it load with menu, sometimes not… wierd

there’s no logic to it I can figure out… any clues?

I can’t see/replicate the behavior you mention - for me whenever you click on the “current” link it always loads with menu open…

You could also try to create an interaction that will close the menu every time you click a link…

That being said, you would probably be best off to create your own nav - without using the build in element - this way you could customize it exactly like you want and will not have those issues…

really? what browser you using please? I’m on Safari and this is nuts!!

That seems a bit extreme? Surely Webflow should NOT load the menu in an OPEN state on any page if the code is written properly? no?

What I’m getting is absolutely random nonsense. However I suspect there’s one stupid thing I’ve missed… can’t see it though.

anyone else got any ideas?

Good luck man, but I am pretty certain that the behavior is pretty standard… and building your own nav is anything but extreme… I am sure that this is the standard MO… at least I always make my own…

so I am on chrome…