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Footer Floating Near Top of Website


I’ve read a ton of different topics on footers not staying on the bottom of the page and I’ve tried a lot of suggestions and haven’t been able to get anything to work. I’ve put my footer inside a section and made it absolute + bottom, left it outside of a section, put it in another div box and made that absolute bottom, played around with the margins, made the sections and div boxes the same height as the footer, just put the footer inside the body on its own…I feel like I’ve tried just about everything regarding layout options and nothing I do seems to work to actually get it to stick to the bottom of the page. Please help!


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Taylor's Portfolio 2

Thanks for sharing it, It’s really helpful. I think in point of view there are the different ways to customize the footer and customize according to your ease.
Regards: high performance