Sticky Section Not Functioning on Published Site?!?

As title states I have the first section of my site with the main logo set to to sticky so that it stays as you scroll and while that’s happening the little guy is made to appear as if being abducted into the space ship. When in preview this works fine but when I publish the site it does not.

The fact it works in preview and not publish leads me to believe it may be some hidden code setting overflow to hidden or scroll but I cannot find this anywhere.

I have read that a parent having a set height can affect sticky but when i remove the height parameter of the parent div the whole thing disappears completely and if I put that height on the 3 layered images creating the effect inside the div their spacing is completely off and hidden behind the next section.

Totally confused. Any help would be so appreciated
I have looked through all code and no where do

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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Hey @rayeprescott, are you able to share the link to your published site? Thanks!

Edit: The interaction works fine in Preview and on the published site. I have tried this in the current versions of Chrome, Brave and Firefox.

Try opening your published site in a private window or use a different browser for testing purposes.

Let me know if this helps.

Ah! Okay I just tried it in safari and it was working instead of chrome as I had normally been testing. Thank you so much!

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