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Sticky Page breaks when not in base-view. .

Hi everyone,

I have been stuck in this sticky issue for a while. I tried resolving it but when I have more sections, the problem arises from different format of the same problem.
I probably don’t understand fully hence need some help here. I am about a week from my deadline for setting up our own cafe (social enterprise) website. I have attached the link.

Only the first page needs addressing.

The sticky arrangement for the whole page is working at the BASE Breakpoint. but when I view it in the mobile and smaller format, the stickiness fail to work.

Can someone help me resolve this?

Please… . . . . . .


Here is my public share link:
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your page wrapper overflow was set to hidden on tablet size and smaller.i think that no parent of the sticky element can have a hidden overflow, not sure why. just set it to visible and the sticky will work.
also, awesome website


Hurray! Thanks… I was only looking at the section holders but never thought of looking at the page holder.



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