Sticky not working in a published project

I wanted to create a scroll into view animation using sticky divs sized 100vh, so that while the user is scrolling, the divs ease in and out. It works fine in the preview, but on my published staging site it’s not working at all. It looks like the divs aren’t sticky on the published site. I have checked every solution that has been written on the internet, I can’t see anything with overflow other than visible, I have a parent element set to relative and it has no height. I’m just totally clueless at this point.

Please help me, I’m extremely close on my deadline.

Here is my share link: Webflow - BRØY

And here is the published staging site:

Thank you very much for your time :))

Welcome @Martyna I saw your preview but there were no animations set up. I think this tutorial #Webflow Animation: Animate while page scrolls - YouTube will help you though.

hi @Martyna I see that you have set your sticky container to relative but is should be sticky.You can start from here as I see that there will be more work to do to make it work correctly. :wink:

here is a video with a simple example. Not exactly your design but take it as a principle how this works

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Hi, thank you, done :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the video, I’ve watched it, but unfortunately still don’t know what I did wrong. I have quite a complicated design in mind for a beginner like me, but I would really like this to work. Could you please tell me what else you see is wrong? The problem is I want the content not only to stick, but also ease in and out one after another…

hi @Martyna like you have said is a bit complex interaction that take a bit more effort and time to achieve it. I have no time to do video for you as it will be long to start from scratch and clean up a bit elements. If I will have time next week I can create some example on my side but no promise. I will recommend to start a new project just with this section and go bit by bit. You can send me copy of this new project with only this section if you wish :wink:

Thank you very much, I redid everything again on a duplicated page and I can see an improvement, it’s almost right. I think I will be able to finish it by myself as I have watched this tutorial and it helped me a lot: How to Webflow: Switch content with scrolling interactions - Tutorial (2019) - YouTube
Thank you very much for your time!!

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