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Sticky Doesnt work!: Followed a webflow tutorial on horizontal sticky. Not workign

So Ive been trying to make a horizontal scroll section, where a div inside the section scrolls horizontaly, however. No matter what I have tried or tutorials I have followed, sticky does not work AT ALL. Help me here, this is a project I need to finish asap and this isnt making any sense.

Here is a link:

@mikeyevin @vincent @cyberdave someone help please

The issue is the overflow: hidden on the Body element—sticky positioning gets really upset when using fixed heights and/or hidden overflows on parent elements:


It looks like you’ll need to tweak things a bit as the section isn’t scrolling as intended after that change but setting the body to overflow: visible will fix the issue with the section not “sticking” :+1:

Hey there,

Let me know if you still need assistance to help get un-stuck! Feel free to email me here:

Hey Everyone!
I’m also having troubles with my sticky position. All of my parent elements have an overflow of visible and don’t have a set height. If anyone can help it would be great!

Here is my read-only link: Webflow - zzz media 2

The section I am talking about is called “website processes” and I am trying to make a horizontal scroll.