Sticky Nav - One div (image slider) wont slide under

I applied a sticky nav, which works perfectly for all elements apart from the image slider, which goes over the top when scrolling, rather than underneath. I cannot figure out why.

It is the default image slider component used provided by Webflow. I also don’t understand why it has a dotted selection box around the component (maybe this is a symptom of the issue)

Site - Site link (hopefully thi goes to the correct mobile surface)

Any help will be appreciated

Hi Henry,

If I’m understanding your question correctly, I believe you just need to change the z-index of the sticky nav to any number above 0 to ensure it stays on top of all of your other elements.

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I believe the dotted line you’re referring to only shows up in the webflow designer, not the published site. But again, I may have misunderstood.


Thank you! Changing the value of the z-index to something higher did indeed make it work. Legend.